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一、The chnical requirements

Nominal resistance     voluntary standards


1000Ω@0               DIN EN 60751 grade.

Technical criteria :TCR3850ppm∕℃

Temperatrure coefficient

The range of precision:

A grade :-50℃~300

Component wire: nickel wire with platinum.

Criterion: DIN EN 60751 (accord with IEC751)

The size of armor crust:2.3㎜×2.1㎜×0.9(length×breadth×high)

Crust Material:1Cr18Ni9Ti

Steel Number:304

Down-lead length:300

Down-lead material: silicon rubber high-temperature cable.

Withstand temperature:50℃~230

Long-term stability: Ro excursion no more than 0.4.(500,After 1000 hours).

Withstanding vibration grade :not less than 40g acceleration(102000HZ)

Insulation resistance:
10 KΩ.,20℃时

1 KΩ., 500℃时

The Degree of Shock resistant :not less than 100g acceleration(After fluctuate 8.5ms)

IP degree of protection:IP65

Spontaneous heating coefficient:0.4℃∕mw(0)

Response time:
s  t50 0.05s t90 0.15s

Air@2ms  t50 3.0s t90 10.0s

Environment condition :only using in desiccation environment when dont protect.

Measuring current: 0.3max1.0mA.

二、Requirements of size :seeing the  drawing.

三、Packing and depositing.

(a). The product must packing before leaving plant so that avoid attaint during transport ;and reach the dust-proof requirement , meet the transport requirements of landway and water way, And the inspection report of product put in the case.

(b).The mark of product package must clear and trim .The product should be deposited in the medium with excellent ventilation and with no causticity ,and the relative humidity less than 90(20±5).

四、Safety specification:

The product dont use in the environment with fire.


Operating according to acquirers acceptance understand.

六、Enclose :

七、Using notice;

Note: 1.You must notice the total length and depth of penetration of protecting tube when you make order, and the depth of penetration must more than 10 times of diameter of protecting tube.

2.The temperature transmitter must note temperature range that corresponding with output signal ;The length from installation fixing device to junction box not less than 100mm when the span of temperature transmitter reaches more than

100,and not less than 250mm when the span of temperature transmitter reaches more than 200.





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